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His mama died before he got to see the board again
Them diss songs will make me suit up and go score again
Go to the store, I need a pot that I can pour this in

[Verse 1]
Straight to hell that’s where I’m goin’, like you ain’t knowin’
If she ain’t hoein’, I don’t want her, you can keep her
Niggas on the internet begging to meet the reaper
I got all these screenshots of you begging me for a feature
We don’t follow followers home, we want the leader
Same respect I give to a hustler, I give to Tweaka
Same charge they give to the squeeza, they give the driver
He ain’t DOA when they found him, he went to Kaiser
You could tell the difference, VS’s a lil’ brighter
He ain’t spend no dub on that trinklet, bitch, you a liar
I ain’t fuck lil’ mama, they told me that she on fire
The lawyer ain’t gon’ get me out this one ’cause of the priors
Drillers don’t love me, they love when I send the wire
Yeah, tell that boy zip with no Skelly, eye of the tiger
Callin’ just to see how you doing, free all the lifers

His mama died before he got to see the board again
Go to the store, I need a pot that I can pour this in
Them diss songs will make me suit up and go score again
When you was broke that envelope consisted more than ten
It’s HGM wit’ me, more than this

[Verse 2]
Yeah, I be on my lonesome, only thing to keep me wholesome
They fuck wit’ me in Kentucky, they love me out there in Tulsa
The worst feeling in the world is being sober
Somebody get this man a badge, he the rollers
Twenty plus without no smut, you niggas bogus
Hit him anywhere above the neck, you get a bonus
Never place popularity over motion
Apparently we the dopest to ever come out the bity
And we ain’t tamper wit’ nothin’ except the titties
I’m talkin’ Cinnabon’s on the blicky, they sitting pretty
If buddy iffy, cut him off ’cause you don’t need him
Sent them bitches in the store for some magnums and then we leave him
Over achieving, I really come from the bottom
Before I put on this Rollie, I really put on my partners
Love that nigga Parker, forever, that’s on my mama
First he gave me the Sig, then he gave me the choppa
Round table meetin’ politics and lasagna
Or the truffle ravioli wit’ the lobster
You ain’t activated, you actin’, you need a Oscar
Gang psychologically ill, niggas is stalkers
I been skeemin’ ever since the day we lost him
While on your beanie ever since the day you crossed us

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