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Quavo – Who Wit Me Lyrics

Now here I am, God, here I am (Woo)
With these bare two hands I hit a hundred licks for my fam’ (I-I-I, Huncho)
It’s your choice, it’s time to go trim (I’m working on dying, skrrt)
Ayy, still standin’ tellin’ niggas I’m him (BNYX, goddamn, goddamn)
Everybody know who I am (Huh, Quavo)
I pull up, this rocket gon’ blast off (Huh, grrah)
I’m thinkin’ ’bout shootin’ up NASA (Woah)
Now, I’m tryna land, here come and standoff (Yeah)

I get pull up, I’m ready attack, I’ma get my lick back and I’m not gonna rat (No, no)
You can take me way back to the trap, I’ma go get it back, I’ma send me a pack (Swept)
I done took me a rich nigga nap in the back of the Maybach, I’m ready for action (Uh)
Fuck it, I hop in the Demon, I’m pushin’ the gas, and I turn off the traction (Skrrt, woo)
Lil’ bitch attractive (Shit)
Shout-out Toronto but I got passion (Su), I’m whippin’ the raptor (Whip it)
I got in the movie ’cause she so boujee (Moviе), she only fuck actors (Smack)
Baby, I’m a rapper (Rapper), trappеr (Trapper), a soul snatcher (Kill ’em)
Money, pounds and rounds of shit
Money payin’ your rent, money makin’ you sick (Uh)
No, I’m not playin’ soccer, lil’ bitch, I don’t kick it for shit, this eight K on the fit (Shit)
Niggas fried and dried like grits
If you hang around the [?] I’m makin’ you rich
Don’t be callin’ my phone for your bitch if you’re lookin’ for her, nigga, she probably here (Brrt)
Goin’ infinity, infinity (Infinity), talk to Elliot, that’s who invented it (Yeah)
You lil’ niggas go penny pinch (Yeah), I got some millions off of 50 Cent (Woo, 50)
Time to switch up the remedy (Switch it), my nephew, my nephew was innocent (Nephew was innocent)
I’m lookin’ for enemies (Many of them), who ridin’?
Who slidin’?

Is you with me?
Is you with me?

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