Young Dolph – Talking To My Scale

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The talented musician ‘Young Dolph’ has released a solid studio single titled “Talking To My Scale,” which has made freely downloadable as an MP3 for you.

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Young Dolph - Talking To My Scale lyrics below;

(We got all the beef) Yeah
Yeah, nigga, fuck everybody, fuck everything, nigga
Get money, nigga
Run that shit up, nigga
Run that shit all the way up, nigga, ’til you can’t run it no motherfuckin’ more, nigga
All the way up, nigga (Yeah)
Up-up, nigga, to the motherfuckin’ ceiling, nigga, fuck niggas’ bitches
Fuck these niggas, too, fuck ’em all
Yah mean? I mean this shit, for real, for real, nigga, straight up
Ayy (Ayy, yeah)

[Verse 1]
If I sacrificed myself, will I go to hell?
In my trap house countin’ guala, talkin’ to my scale
My jewelry box havin’ more water than Wisconsin Dells
Trap nigga, I count money better than I spell
Came up from nothing, addicted to hustlin’
Yeah, he my dawg, but nah, I don’t trust him
She a bad bitch, but she know we just fuckin’
She told me she love me, I told her, “You pluckin'”
(Cut that shit out, lil’ mama) Stop it
This bitch deserve a gold medal the way she suck it
Blue Louis V bucket, my chain too big to tuck it
My blunts the size of Biggie, spendin’ paper like I’m Puffy
She fuck me, then she lucky
Yeah, she got that super sloppy, I call that bitch yucky
Bitch, don’t speak to me in public
Fast money, fast cars, I live for this shit
My young nigga ‘nem, man, they gon’ kill for this shit
Shakin’ my head, Dolph, you just too real for this shit
My first investment was a vacuum seal, then I got rich
Mimo can get whatever from me ’cause he never switched
Jizzle was right there with me, man, we didn’t have shit
Sleepy Cuz quick to tell me, “Fuck him, he a bitch”
Dog ass nigga off the leash, duckin’ the pigs
Went and found the plug, came back and told my nigga, “It’s up”
We gon’ ball forever and forever, straight out the mud
Been through so much shit, so I fill my body up with drugs
Twenty whips in front of the club, nigga, that’s us
I’m my own stylist, I spent millions on designers
I got my own island, nigga, cast out and you can find me
Got more jewelry than your jeweler, nigga, I spent millions on diamonds
I put ice on everybody around me just to see ’em shinin’
My spot got great customer service like Chick-fil-A
Might take her to the hood, but I can’t take her on a date
Sleepwalkin’ on that codeine, but I’m wide awake
These niggas ain’t fuckin’ with me and I put that on Ida Mae

Ain’t nobody gave me shit, nigga, yah mean?
I had to get out here and straighten this shit up, nigga, get this shit the hard way
Yah mean?
I had to figure this shit out, nigga, yah mean?
Just me and my real niggas, yah mean?
Nigga, you ain’t eat off the floor with us
Nigga, you ain’t eat out the garbage, lil’ nigga, yah mean?
You wasn’t there, nigga, you wasn’t there with us, nigga
We had to get it how we lived, nigga, I put this shit on Ida Mae

[Verse 2]
Nah, I ain’t finished, nigga (Yeah, yeah)
My office is a trap house in South Memphis, nigga (Yeah, yeah)
Ridin’ with a fully through the city, nigga (Yeah, yeah)
I been sellin’ bags by the fifty, nigga (Yeah, yeah)
Pinky ring, it cost me seven-fifty, nigga (Yeah, yeah)
Pour a eight and drink it, I don’t sip it, nigga (Yeah, yeah)
Kickin’ shit and smokin’ off a Benton, nigga (Ayy bruh)
You a grown man, stop all of that bitchin’, nigga (Damn)
I go so hard, make ’em hate me (Damn)
My whole life a movie, HD (Clear)
Blue retro, blue AP (Yeah)
Too much ice, don’t need AC (Nah)
Had to put out, the bitch tried to rape me
I wear water, I don’t drink it, I drink lean (Route)
I pour lean and grapefruit juice and rock blue diamonds, nah, these niggas ain’t me
Sixties on the Double-R, look up at the stars (In the cloud)
Smokin’ Skittles and thankin’ God, remember I used to starve (For real though)
Dope boy with dope boy dreams, never thought I’d make it this far (For real though)
Fourteen, I jumped out there, started swimming with the sharks
Gangbang, play some ball, go get a plug of raw (Raw)
I got the type of ice that it go crazy in the dark (Dark)
You put your trust in a bitch, I put my trust in the mob (Mob)
I got all type of shit parked in the garage
(Hey, hey)

It’s Dolph
If I sacrificed myself, will I go to hell?
In my trap house countin’ guala, talkin’ to my scale

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